Thursday, April 5, 2018

Emergency room visit

This is something I hope you never have to go through but things happen when you least expected the goal of this post is to help you be prepared for any type of emergency scenario.  I often discuss the preparation you should take prior to any emergency situation.  You should always be prepared to go to the emergency room with the necessary information you need to provide to the health care professionals when you arrive. If you are responsible for elderly family members this would be some suggestions you would need for a possible trip to the emergency room. 

The most important would be to have a list of current medication your family member is taking. You must know what type of medication and the times /doses of the medication to be taken. This will be vital so loved ones get the best possible care during their hospital stay. Another consideration is what types of allergies they suffer from. This would be for children and seniors you should make a list of any food allergies and addition to the medication they need to address any allergic reactions for example an EpiPen. In a moment of panic this could be hard to remember so you want to have this list prepared prior to visit to the emergency room.  

Another consideration you want to have is a list of your loved ones primary care physician name and contact information. This is list should be update frequently as doctor’s may change where they decide to practice medication. If you use a specialist in a certain area of practice this information should also be updated as well.  All insurance cards and emergency contacts should be together with list of doctors.  Again you may find it difficult to contact those who must be notified in a moment of panic.

All these things should be in a central location in the home consider having a go bag. So in a moment notice you will have the information you need to provide to the medical staff at the hospital. The key family members should know where this bag is at all times.

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Mark Carbajal

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