Thursday, March 8, 2018

What is cloud security?

Cloud computing security is interesting to me because most of us decide to stay away from this type of protection. We normally have small amounts of data for home use but what if you have a small business or you are responsible for record keeping of customer personal information. This is where you might consider using cloud security as an option to secure information you collect and store. 

When you are securing limited data then you have much easier options available such as external storage devices which could address your needs for home use. However if you are responsible for storing a large amounts of information then here are things to think about when selecting a cloud service provider.

So cloud security is defined as collecting, storing or protecting information from theft, loss editing or deletion. The servers in the cloud computing system are heavily protected by firewalls, virtual private networks (VPN) etc.  They are often test their system with penetration testing to ensure the servers are secured from DDoS attacks, data breaches, traffic hijacking and other host of possible ways information could be compromised.  So with all this protection available on the cloud system this is a much more secure method to secure collected data.

Some concerns with securing your collected data through a cloud service are the storage space on the servers. The servers are not physically control by you or the data stored is not controlled or managed by you.  So many prefer to have cloud storage devices at home somewhat off the network which is a simple set up.
What you need to look for is any cloud service provider is there employee policies and procedures.  When a breach occurs it is often due to the lack of procedures in place for their employees. They should have strict background checks in place to identify fraud but most of the breaches are because of employee error such as using an unprotected personal device to complete duties as an example.

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