Thursday, April 19, 2018

Facebook Privacy

We have seen the coverage on the Facebook scandal involving the Cambridge Analytica and whether you are still an avid user or have elected to #deleetfacbooknow you still need to understand how to protect your information from anyone who may want to use your personal information without your knowledge.  The most alarming issue about this controversy is that no matter what platform you use these social networks applications will use your data how they want to without your knowledge. I often talk on this blog on what information you should and should not share because once it is out online it will be there forever.  I personally do not share everything I do especially not at the time I am doing it. I share only what I am comfortable with and nothing that would benefit a company or a fraudster.  We have to be more careful on the information we use to open up an application and what we share on a daily basis.

However Facebook is the tip of the ice berg. There are many 3rd party apps which have already accessed your information either by when you signed up or through Facebook.  So right now go on to your Facebook setting and under apps and websites dashboard you will see a list of apps which are linked to your Facebook account.  You will see an option underneath each application which states “View and edit” this will allow you to control how much information or data the app is allowed to use.  Some app may require information in order to function properly such as your name and age. 

Then you have to make a decision on how much do you need this application and whether to continue to use the application or not.

In an effort to fix the problem and gain trust again Facebook has provided an option to download a copy of your Facebook data. You would go into your setting select which will bring you to the overall settings page. On the bottom left you will see the option to “Download a copy of your Facebook data” once you have selected this option they will email you a link to your email. Once you see the link in your email you have to enter your password in a few times then you will be allowed to download your report. I encourage you to do this so you can see what information Facebook has on you.

The best advice is to be careful about the information online. The rule I follow is less is more. You do not need to know what my birthday is, where I went to school, and what my current job is. Bottom line there is no need to tell the whole world everything about your life, furthermore the about you information you do not need to place everything about you on there either.

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Mark Carbajal

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