Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Fake News

Lately I have seen many articles on social media outlets claiming to report aspects of the news from questionable website. My concern with active shooter events, reporting on natural disasters and terrorism it is important to get the correct information to the public. We need this accurate information on these events so we can be informed and take the proper precaution to protect ourselves from such events. I find it unfortunate that there are fake news outlets on social media sites looking to be first rather than to be accurate with news information.

An example is the Las Vegas shooting according to a social media Puppet String News there was a connection to the Vegas shooter and Antifa this was posted to Facebook ultimate taken down. So we need to start as being more critical of the news organization we follow on social media. When you see an articles or posts which seems to be questionable then you must start your fact checking. You would first see if there are other news articles from more reputable news organization reporting on it.  See what they are saying and reporting on the topic, see if the information matches between both articles. I would even take the time to check see if you can find at least 3 articles on the same topic before reposting on your media feed or taking in as real news.

My personal rule on news on social media is to take at least 2 minute if not longer to check sources. However, when it comes to Homeland security topics nothing is more reliable than the Department of Homeland security website. They may take some time to post information but they will provide accurate information as it becomes available and you can find some useful tips as well.

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Mark Carbajal

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