Thursday, June 21, 2018

Outdoor security cameras for home

In order to protect your home you have a secure perimeter this would include keeping your lawn care up to date, a secure fence and outdoor cameras. When you are making a decision on your outdoor cameras there are a few types I would like to offer. Remember a home burglar happens often mostly during the day so you want to not only have a good alarm system in place but well placed cameras so they can record any activity and deter burglars.

One of the most important things outside of camera placement is night vison. The placement should be in the front entrance or yard, the back yard etc. however, they need to be in working order so you should be periodically checking to make sure they provide a good quality picture at night. The cameras would be equipment with LED infrared lights so at night the camera would provide a good video.

When selecting a camera be certain they are waterproof and weatherproof. The most common damage a camera can suffer is from the weather elements. When they are installed they should be securely fastened to prevent being knocked over. The wireless camera often require security updates so be sure you are up to date with all software updates. Most of the wireless security camera allow you to program alerts for events so be familiar with this options so you would get updates on your phone when you are no home.

You can have the option of choosing a PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom or a fixed camera. The fixed cameras should a wide angle view to capture or cover most of the area you are securing. The PTZ’s tend to be more expansive but would work to monitor a moving target. In my opinion a fixed camera would be enough to help secure your home.

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Mark Carbajal


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