Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Water safety for kids

I was watching the news and saw a video of a toddler who climbed a closed pool latter with little difficulty.  After some research I found that according to the CDC children age one or under drown in a bathtub or toilet, children between the ages 1 -4 drown in swimming pools or hot tubs. All other children such as teenagers drown in natural water settings i.e lakes or pools. I wanted focus on pool safety first since this is the one that prompted this post. I was very unaware of how often accidental drowning occur every year in the United States. 

So when you have a pool or a hot tub that a great luxury but a tremendous responsibility especially when you have a toddler at home. So know this there are some basic guidelines you must follow when you have a pool or hot tub at home furthermore this is not just restricted to pools or hot tubs you have to be aware of tall buckets, bathtubs, toilets and kiddie pools.

The kiddie pools and buckets are easy when you store them they should be stored empty and upside down so they could not contain any water inside. Close toilet seats and use toilet seat locks to prevent accidental drowning. The best way would be to keep bathrooms secured and off limits for toddlers. Any home pools or hot tube should have a fence around the area so that no one could access the pool. Any pool ladders should be locked and secured although as I saw on the news this is not a sure way to keep your children safe from an accidental drowning.

The best and only way to prevent this type of accident is to watch your kids!  Keep an eye on them without being distracted they should be at arm’s reach at all times around water.

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Mark Carbajal


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