Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Facebook Bug

In June of this year it was reported that a bug affected over 800,000 users.  This bug caused to unblock users on your blocked list without your knowledge for a temporary period of time. The ability to block someone is very important for many reasons but more importantly to add a layer of protection for your privacy. Since the bug was discovered according to published reports the bug was discovered and repaired.  This brought to mind how important it is to review all your social media accounts security settings from time to time.

We have to be proactive in protecting our information on all social media platforms. We must take time to review our security settings periodically to make sure all blocked persons and settings have not been changed Facebook once again demonstrates how little they focus on protection of our personal information.

First enable a multi-level authentication this should be implemented for not only all your social media platforms but for all your internet enabled devices. This is a layer of protection often overlooked by many end users especially with the ease of clicking your profile picture and accessing your account.

Your passwords for all your accounts must not be the same. I would highly recommend using passphrases instead of passwords. You would have an easier time remembering a passphrase then a password. I wrote about how to create a passphrase in a previous post. 

The one thing all social media platform do well is provide us with many ways to secure your account. You can customize how and who can view your profile. I would take the time to check all your security setting to make sure they are set to your preference and functioning as you want them too.

Lastly clean out your friends list. This is very important all your friends, followers or connection must be reviewed to make sure they should be on your list. Having a person who should not be on your list of contacts could have the potential to be damaging to your personal life and professional life. The more persons you have on your list the more access you allow to fraudsters or to compromise your accounts.

I hope this is helpful to you as always please leave a comment

Mark Carbajal

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