Thursday, July 26, 2018

Utility scam

So we are in the summer months and this is when utility scams are common occurrence. What is more upsetting is the target tends to be the elderly.  You are home, you see a nice well dress person at your door they may even be dressed in a uniform. When you answer the door they want to see your utility bill to review it because your bill is either over charged or they just want to save you money by switching over to their company.  Your best bet is to answer the door, don’t open it and if they have any information they should leave it at the door or better yet email you any information they think might be helpful to you don’t give them your email address.  In some cases they are trying to get your account or personal information so they can use it for whatever purposes. Here are a few tips to be on the lookout for when a scammer may be at your door.  

First never assume a person with a uniform or who is well dressed is from the company. Always ask for identification. This is the only sure way to know they are from the company I would talk with them through the locked and closed door as well. Let them know you are home if you do not have a window or peep hole to check identification I would tell them to leave any information in your mailbox you will review it later. Just be clear you are not opening the door until they leave.

They may ask to see your last utility bill just to review it let be clear on this do not show them your bill. You have to protect your information beside if they are from the company they claim to be they should already have this information.  This person may be from another provider who might want to review your bill again I would not show them anything. I would recommend you become familiar with the local energy providers in your areas as well.

Anyone who you feel should not be at your door contact the local authorizes immediately. Remember if you see something say something

I hope this is helpful as always please leave a comment

Mark Carbajal

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