Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Job Interview Scam

This is not new but reports have been increasing and on a personal note this is the one that makes me sick. You receive a call from a company they inform you that they have a job opportunity in your field and based on your education, certifications and experience.  They would like you to come in for an interview. However in order to complete your application you must pay a fee for certain certifications you will need to go further in the interview process or show up with a certain amount of money to be interviewed. This is a scam in no way should you pay anything for any job interview. A company seeks you out so that you can either save or make them money based on your skills and talent. There are a few warning signs you should be on the lookout for prior to any job interview beside the basic prep you would do for the interview itself.

When you are doing your research for the company aside from the basic information you need to be ready for the position you are interviewing for you should check the company profile. Glassdoor.com is one that I use to check on companies who contact me for interviews here I can see what the average salary is and reviews about the company from former employees. If you notice a high turnover rate then chances are this company is not for you.

The interview process and location itself may provide some red flags as well. Such as the interview is over quickly or the location of the interview is outside of the actual location of the company. You do not meet anyone else on the team during the interview are some signs you may not want to take the interview.

The last two signs this might be a scam and the most important. When you attempt to contact the company prior to the interview and the phone just keeps ringing or no official answering service to take your messages then this is most likely a scam. If they ask you for money at any time either before or after the interview for any reason upfront then leave immediately. Contact your local law enforcement inform them of the scam.

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Mark Carbajal

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