Friday, September 14, 2018

Facial recognition phone security

There are many way to secure your phone and the latest and greatest is facial recognition. This technology has been available for a while now however now they have been able to ensure the technology will function enough to secure your phone.

Although Facial recognition sound cool let me say on the onset there are many ways which you can use to secure your phone, fingerprint, passcode and patterns. All in my opinion are much more secure then facial recognition. The technology used to check the face is your front facing camera. In order to hack this you would need a way to trick the camera that it is the owner. So think about the technology available today. You have social media account chances with your profile picture on it already printers which continues to improve with every update so this bring be pause on using  any type of Facial recognition to secure anything. However recent test of the facial recognition have indicated this would be near impossible to accomplish.  

So the question is should you use facial recognition to unlock your phone? I always when writing about security recommend a layered approach to securing your device. You keep so much information such as banking, pictures and email accounts on your phone. So I view facial recognition as one layer of security.  So I would use facial recognition as one of the layers of security. So I would use it in combination with the other methods which have proven over time to keep your device secured such as the ones I stated earlier in this opinion piece.

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Mark Carbajal

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