Saturday, September 22, 2018

Small business security tips

As a small business owner I realize that the last thing you want to think about is security. You have so much to think about your sales, your product and bring real value to your customers. However you have to secure all the information you get from your customers and secure your business information as well. This will allow you to continue to provide services to you customer without interruption in anything you are doing to move your build or maintain your business.  The step I recommend or not expensive and focus on very easy things you can do to protect your business information.

The first tip is simple if you have employee makes sure they are aware of the basics when it comes to using the internet. All files related to your customers or vendors should be secured on an off line location. You could either use an external drive that you update weekly or as needed or the old fashion way. You print all documents used and place them in a safe. What is important is that you are securing the information offline.  This is where you should be backing up your file as well on an external device so you can recover any lost information in the event of a cyberattack or natural disaster event such as a fire or flood.

Another minor thing but very important is having employees create strong unique password for any accounts used to conduct business. There are many times when you see employees use easy to remember password to gain access to work computers. If you need help in creating a password please review my blog post on using passphrases instead. They are longer more difficult but very easy to remember.  You should limit access to accounts as needed such as end users and admins.
Always schedule update to all your servers and computers. All companies are looking for ways to secure your devices in most cases aside from a new user interface they always update for pending cyber attacks as well.

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Mark Carbajal

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