Thursday, October 18, 2018

Suspicious package awareness

The bombing in Texas just before the summer are a reminder we must all be vigilant when we see something we must say something and report it to local law enforcement. But what are we looking for? How do we know we have a suspicious package at our doorstep? There are a few signs you want to look out for when you receive a package or see a package at your workplace. Your workplace should have policies and procedures in place to help identify suspicious packages and how to report it.

Some of the signs you want to be on the aware of to help identify you have a possible suspicious mail. There is no return address the letter is sealed with tape, possibly mailed from a foreign country or excessive postage.

The signs you may have a suspicious package are oily stains, discolorations on the wrapper or on the box, excessive tape, a strange odor, if the address or name is incorrect, rigid or bulky on exterior of the package, the corners are lopsided or uneven, protruding wires.

So if you receive a suspicious package or mail at your home or work location first do not handle the package or mail. If you are in a room or office leave it alone do not open it secure the room if possible  to contact your supervisor or contact law enforcement. if you do handle it wash your hands with soap and water and leave the area.

It is my hope that situation like this never happen again but we must always be aware and informed in order to protect ourselves from any dangers.

I hope this information is helpful as always please leave a comment

Mark Carbajal 

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