Wednesday, October 10, 2018

What is Malvertising ?

I saw a recent article on how Botnets are hidden inside certain banner ads you see on line. What is troublesome is that they are hidden in legitimate website.  This type of malware is very hard to detect because it is covered in the protection of a legitimate website you visit.  So Malvertising is Malicouis advertising this is when malicious code is hidden in the ad.

The ad can take any form it could be a pop up or a banner ad. Once you select the ad the ad will redirect you to another page then your system will be attacked. You network or hardware system will have the malicious code installed. The ease of attaining this type of malicious code is not hard as it is available to anyone on the dark web in a bidding process.

So how do your protect your network from this type of attack? Frist you should make sure your pop up blacker is enabled on whatever browser you are using to surf the web. There is software available you can use such as pop up blocker as well you can use to stop ads from popping up on your device.

 Always update your antivirus software when necessary and lastly use some good web browsing security practices. When you see an ad which might appeal to you the nest protection is do not select the ad to view the item. Just do a web search for the item or product and go directly to the site of the item or product you wish to view. 

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Mark Carbajal

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