Thursday, January 24, 2019

Can your smartphone if infected by malware infect your other home connected devices?

The short answer is yes if your phone is infected with some type of malware you can affect devices on your home network. You want to make sure your devices are separated so in my case I have some devices connected to the router other that are not connected. This is an added layer pf protection for me, but this may not work for you, so you must have good home polices in place to protect your home network. When you decide to download pictures, programs or attachments from the internet in when you open your network to possible malware.  

You must think of your phone just like any desk top computer or laptop it can get infected. Since we have most of our information on our smartphones they are the main target.  We have gotten away from the traditional computing because we tend to keep more personal information on our mobile devices.

The most common method of infecting your mobile device is bad apps. When you download an application, there may be malware embedded in the code. Therefore, it is important to do your research on any important apps you want to down load. I normally read the reviews and ask myself to do I really need this app. I strongly recommend staying away from using any banking apps on your phone.  They are highly targeted by hackers.

Do not download any attachments form your email to your phone. This is another way malicious code could be downloaded on to your phone save the space for something more important. Most attachments take up space on your phone.

The last one is SMS messages or website addresses. When you get an SMS message with a website attached do not open it especially if you do not know who the sender is this is another method use to infect your mobile device with malware. 

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Mark Carbajal

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