Thursday, January 17, 2019

The biggest cyber security risk

So we read all these articles and look into ways to protect our computers and networks form possible security threats. We invest in antivirus protection, firewalls and come up with crazy passwords. While all these measures are all good the biggest problem is the end user.  We are the biggest problem in exposing ourselves to any cyber-attack.  This is why companies train their employee over and over again on best practices when using the internet.  So we must develop safe internet habits as well to protect our home computers and networks.

When you decide to check out a website you should check for the HTTPS in the beginning of the web page or Hypertext Transfer Protocol the last S stand for secure. This is the protocol for sending data between your browser and the website. On the far left on the top of your screen you should see the secure with a lock on it to further give you an indication of how secure the website is. If the lock is missing then leave the site.

Your email is the worst place and how most viruses enter your computer. So you need to have a plan in place what I normally do is any emails I do not know I delete them immediately and black them. When I get a notification about one of my accounts I will not use the link provided I will delete the email as well then visit the website I was contacted about and check it directly. I do not open any attachments unless I am expecting some type of document and if I do have to download anything I download it to an external file first run a virus scan then review it.

If you are not creative in making a hard to decipher password then I would invest in a password generator or check out my article on passphrases which in my opinion are much better to use and easier to remember then just creating an easy or hard to remember password.  I would highly recommend a 2 layer password method as well.

This is a simple plan to use when you are home.

I hope this helps as always please leave a comment

Mark Carbajal


  1. I Agree we are the main reason for cyber attack, be frank every other person is using same passwords for all his/her accounts and also that password relates to their personal life, mean they are giving piece of cake to hackers.
    If you want strong and random passwords strong random password generator and avoid being hacked.

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